US Family Visas and Family Green Cards 2022

By | May 25, 2022

US Family Visas

If you choose to come to the United States to join a family member or spouse, you may want to apply for a visa that is subsidized by a US citizen. Depending on your circumstances, we can endorse you on the best route for you to be part of your loved ones in the US.

K Visas are a non-immigrant class designed for US citizens to petition for their fiancé(e), spouse, children, or the spouses of their teens to enter the US. It is important to word that each class has numerous policies and eligibility criteria that an applicant ought to meet.

  • K-1 Visa – Fiancé(e) Visa: Allows an eligible engaged partner of a US citizen coming to the US to marry their associate within ninety days of arrival
  • K-2 Visa – K-1 Dependents: Allows the children of the US citizen’s fiancé(e) to enter the US (if the guardian qualifies for the K-1 visa)
  • K-3 Visa – Spouse Visa: Enables spouses of US citizens that are no longer currently residents in the united states of America to come to the US
  • K-4 Visa – K-3 Dependents: Enables the children of K-3 visa recipients to enter the US
  • Family-Based Green Cards

The family-based inexperienced card is one of the ways to come to be a US lawful permanent resident (LPR). There are 226,000 of these inexperienced cards issued each and every year and opposition is high. Some people may additionally have to wait years for their application to be accepted.

Having a felony expert to inform you through the procedure and ensure that your software is completely correct can be a major assist and may shop you time and money in the lengthy-term.

Unmarried Children: The Family First Preference Visa allows single children of US residents and their dependent kids to come to the US
F-2A Visa – Spouses & Children: The Family Second Preference Visa (A) allows structured children beneath 21 years and spouses to join an LPR resident in the US
F-2B Visa – Adult Children: The Family Second Preference Visa (B) lets unmarried teenagers join the LPR sponsor
F-3 Visa – Adult Children: The Family Third Preference Visa is for married kids of US citizens and their offspring beneath the age of 21
F-4 Visa – Brothers & Sisters: The Family Fourth Preference Visa is designed for siblings of US citizens, as well as their young people under 21 years and any spouses, to come to the US
One of the first steps in making use of a family-based green card is petitioning USCIS. The sponsor (who has to be a US citizen or LPR), submits Form I-130 on behalf of their ‘alien’ relative to come to the US.

If this petition is approved, the applicant may start the application system to come to the US. It’s important to word that this is the first stage in a multi-step application and can take an extensive period of time from the date of the preliminary petition to the granting of the visa. You May Also Search for  Do you need a reliable and dedicated US immigration lawyer?

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